World war 3.. Mind versus Body

World war 3

World war 3.. Mind versus body

Society teaches us to push our own limits untill the point of self hatred.

We are being dominated to be something we are not.

For woman to be as skinny that they look like walking skelletons. For man to look like blown up G.I. Joe’s. Quality time, love and patience. is exchanged for material things. Children are taught to walk around in the latest trend and learn to make fun of the children that can’t afford it.
Than selfhatred kicks in. Society teaches us not to love ourselves until we meet unrealistic goals in live. So we end up hating ourselves on the way to those goals. Even if we meet our goals we still feel selfhatred. Finding out it has all been a scam. When you feel disillusioned and depressed. Society screws you over again when you are down. Telling you that it is your own fault.

We are all being brainwashed. The holocaust didn’t stop. Hitler is not dead. Society is planting a seed of hate in every child’s mind through ‘education’. That seed is growing and growing everyday untill the child is taught to love herself first for just being who she/he is. Education is teaching us that knowledge is power. But it doesn’t teach us that true power is peace. What’s the point of knowing everything there is to know but not knowing ourselfs.

We won’t get lazy if we learn to put patience, acceptance and selflove in first place. We will still want to learn all about the knowledge that is out there. Just not out of fear but from a peaceful heart and a mind filled with joy.

We are being taught to make our minds feel superiour. We are still trying to create the superiour people that Hitler wanted to create. We are going against nature. So many children are hating themselves these days. Today it is a trend amongst kids to cut themselves up to feel relieve from the pain of constantly thinking their not good enough.
Kids can’t sleep because their minds are racing and can’t find any peace. Than we give them coffee and energy drinks to fix that problem. Our minds are being dominated. Than our minds dominate our body’s. Than we drug our body’s to stay dominated. Than we hate our body’s. Than we cut our body’s. Than if nothing else works. We kill our own body’s.

School shouldn’t put  knowledge in first place.. It should be about being patience, acceptance, wisdom, spiritual growth, loving ourselves and accepting ourselves. That should be our highest goal in live. That’s when we create peace, love and hapiness. The things that truelly matter.. No outside army can rescue us from this war. We have to change society and our education system to beat this war from with in.

World war 3 is going on right now, right here in our minds.. Mind versus body.